Understanding the Terminologies When Working With Printed Circuit Boards

Working with a printed circuit board would mean dealing with a lot of terms that may sound very confusing and intimidating.

Here is a short guide to the most common and useful ones:

The annular ring is the copper ring that surrounds a plated through hole.The DRC or the design rule check is a software that checks the PCB for any errors. Traces that are too skinny or incorrectly touch, and drill holes too small are some of the errors that a drc checks, preventing any potential catastrophes.

Drill hits are places on the pcbnet.com design, which indicate the places where holes are supposed to be drilled. Some poorly manufactured boards may have inaccurate drill hits due to the use of dull drill bits.A finger refers to the metal pads exposed along the board’s edge. This is used to form a connection between 2 or more circuit boards.

Printed Circuit BoardsMouse bites refer to the alternative to a v-score (partial cuts through a printed circuit board that allows the board to easily snap along a line) when separating boards from larger panels. To create mouse bites, clustered drill hits are made on the board surface to create a weak spot.

A plated through hole refers to a hole on the surface of the board surrounded by an annular ring. This ring is plated all the way through both surfaces of the board. This can be used a connection point for through-hole components, a mounting hole or as a via through which a signal passes through.

A pogo pin refers to a spring-loaded contact. This is used in creating temporary contacts for programming or testing purposes.A reflow refers to melting a solder in order to make joints between the component leads and the pads.

A silkscreen refers to the symbols, images, numbers and letters on the surface of the board. Resolution of the silkscreen is often low and in white.A slot is a term used for any hole made in the board that is not in circular. These slots may or may not have any plating.

A solder paste is a small ball of solder, which is suspended in gel medium. This is applied to the mount pad surface with the aid of a paste stencil. This is done on the surface of the board before all the components are attached. The solder within this paste melts during the reflow process. This will create mechanical as well as electrical joints between components and pads.

A pad is a section on the board surface with exposed metals where components are soldered.A paste stencil refers to thin metal or plastic stencil lying over the surface of the board. This allows the deposition of solder paste only in specific areas during an assembly process.

A solder pot is a pot that is used for quick hand soldering of printed circuit boards that have through-hole components. The pot often contains small molten amounts of solder. The printed circuit board is quickly dipped into this and the solder joints are left on all of the exposed pads.

A solder jumper is a small blob of solder that is unintended and unwanted, which connects 2 adjoining pins on the component.A surface mount is a manufacturing method allowing for simple setting of components on the board, without the leads passing through the holes on the board.

Thieving refers to the gridlines, hatching or dots of copper that were left on the surface of the board, where there are no traces or planes are present. This would reduce etching difficulty because there isn’t much excess copper that needs to be removed.A trace refers to the continuous copper path found on the surface of the printed circuit board.See the detail information about different components of printed circuit boards on www.pcbnet.com.


Helpful Tips in Repairing and Personalizing Golf Clubs

Found yourself in an unfortunate situation because one of your golf clubs was damaged? Damaging clubs is common for both novice and experienced golfers. Some accidents may cause club heads to get detached from their shafts. If you have the same problem, take this as an opportunity for an adventure and try to save and personalize your damaged club.

You will hear from many experienced to just trash your club or obtain a replacement. Nevertheless, repairing and personalizing your club is easy. Keep the following points in mind to help you with this process:

Get a replacement head

Obtaining replacement heads is easy with sellers distributing them to buyers. In this case, you will only buy the club head, which means the same shaft you have at home will be used. If your club’s head fell off, you can attach the replacement head to your old shaft.

Shop for the best replacement head you can get according to your budget. A good tip to save you from all the trouble is buying the same club head that your club previously had. This will save you from incompatibility issues or imperfect fit since you know that the loft and quality is compatible with the shaft. You can choose, however, to obtain them from a different brand to experience their products’ features. Doing so will give variety to the golf clubs you currently own.

Design with golf grips

Since you’re changing your club head, you can also consider changing your golf grip. Golf grip is the part of club you hold when you play. These grips are available in various colors and designs that will suit your preferences. Select from a combination of different colors or obtain those with brand names for additional variety.

One of the good things about replacing golf grips on golf clubs is the process is relatively easy. You can find numerous tips that will make the attachment process way easier than expected.

Golf clubsAs you shop for golf grips, be sure to take note of the grip specifications offered on the website. Grips come in different lengths, diameters and weights. You can also choose the same specifications of your previous grip to save time shopping or be more adventurous in your options. You can read these specifications online and will be a great help for your shopping.

Use superb adhesives for attaching pieces

The last thing you want to experience is wobbling parts on your clubs. Fortunately, you will find top caliber adhesives that can be applied for attaching club heads and golf grips.

For golf grips, you can buy high quality adhesives from golf suppliers. They are special adhesive kits paired with double-sided tapes and will attach golf grips with ease. You can buy the adhesive solvent only or the complete kit that comes with double-sided tapes and instructional guides.

Since club heads are heavier, you would need to use extra durable epoxy together with replacement ferrule to keep them in place. You can shop for recommended club head epoxies from the golf equipment seller and use them with your project.

As for instructional guides, they are widely available online, which allows you to easily place these components with ease and secure them in place.

Provide extra protection with unique head covers

Finally, complete the appeal of your new golf clubs by promoting extra protection using unique head covers. Conventional head covers are smaller pieces that fit snuggly around the club head. However, many golf equipment manufacturers currently produce unique head covers as faces or puppet-like feature. They will certainly personalize your new club while making them easy to distinguish.

Damaged golf clubs doesn’t mean rushing to a dealer buy a replacement club right away. Let your creativity work by personalizing your club while trying out other club heads offered by various brands. It is a good experience to do and assures good results as long as you follow guides accordingly.

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How to Buy a Used Storage Container

Shipping containers are normally used in shipping goods throughout or out of the country. It is built to withstand moisture and salt so it is more commonly used as overseas shipping containers.

However, even if there is a constant trade of goods between countries, a lot of shipping cubicles are still being left abandoned in the shipyards because of the high cost and risks it poses for the ship that will deliver it back. Consequently, these are sold or rented to people or companies that can’t afford brand new shipping containers. They use them as shipping cargos or as something else like houses and other kinds of edifices.

Storage containerAcquiring a used shipping cubicles can be very tricky. Whatever purpose you have in buying a shipping container, it is a good idea to have ample knowledge about used storage containers to avoid future frustrations. You have to consider a lot of things before buying one. Here are some tips to help you find, choose, and buy a used shipping cubicle:

1. Evaluate your needs.

A standard shipping container comes in two sizes: 20 foot and 40 foot container lengths. Heights are 8 feet 6 inches and 9 feet 6 inches respectively. If you need more space, extra wide containers are also available. The length of these containers is 48 feet.

Bigger containers are, of course, more expensive. Assess the capacity of one container first and the things you want to put in them before buying one.

2. Where would you want to put your container?

Unless you’re making a home extension with a storage container, it is not a good idea to put a shipping container on your yard—that is if you have a big enough yard to fit a 20-foot metal vessel. If you’re not planning on shipping out items somewhere, better call a space provider to store your containers for you. There are plenty of companies in the US that houses shipping containers at a cost.

3. The internet is your friend and enemy.

You can find all things on the internet, but none of them are worth buying unless you check the item yourself. Online stores are your friends but only if you know how to shop online. Items like shipping containers require physical inspection before anyone can decide about spending a dime.

The physical condition of a used storage container may vary from slightly used to well-worn containers. If you’re looking for a relatively new container, look for “one-trip” containers. These might have a few scratches from their initial trip but are nonetheless good as new.

4. Make your choices.

Call the shipping container company you found online and ask for prices. You can type them all out on an excel file for better comparison later. Include transportation costs in your comparison table to get a better view on things. You want to make sure that the value of your money is being maximized.

Trim down your choices into three or less. Visit the storage container companies of your choice and inspect your prospect containers yourself. If you can, hire a professional inspector to check the condition of the containers for you. This will also help you decide on what container to buy.

5. Purchase the best container out of your options.

After everything has been checked out, it’s time to make that purchase. Some companies may require a credit card or a check upon purchasing. Make sure to ask about that upon calling the company, and ask for price quotes as well. There is no better feeling in the world than knowing that while you have spent some money, you also have maximized the value of it by finding the best deals.

How a Skilled Article Writer Crafts Beginnings

Article writerJust because you write facts does not mean you have to make things boring. When a reader goes through that one ho-hum sentence, he may just switch the tab, flip the page, or just leave your work altogether. Not only fiction writers and politicians should have a way with words. You, as an article writer, must hook your prospective reader from the get go. In this day and age, there are plenty of potential distractions that could grab your readers before you can. So, how should you begin your articles?

Start with a vignette

You may begin with a story. Even speech writers do this to try to earn the sympathy, empathy, and attention of their audience. A story can spark interest and inspire involvement. It can better explain a complicated idea.

Explode with the outcome

Begin at the end, instead of sticking to chronological form. Tell them the outcome of the story before you delve into the details of that event. Maybe a man got shot or a girl had won a prestigious international award. Write about that ending then dive into the background stories of how they ended up that way. People love to read to discover why such things have happened.

Grab attention en media res

An article writer can immediately state the situation or place the readers in the middle of it. In fiction, it was all about starting en media res, skipping boring introductions to get to the middle of things. While the previous tip jumped straight to the ending, this one is all about the middle.

Create mystery

Some people love a good mystery. In fact, some would be ready to fight you if you post spoilers about whodunits on social media. Capture the attention by tickling your readers’ imaginations. Get them to think about what could have happened and how it happened before getting to the root of the problem or the point of the article. However, don’t linger too much on the mystery, either. Your audience may get impatient.

Pose a question

An article writer must encourage people to think. Before discussing the topic, he must first a question that would prime the readers to be involved in the rest of the narrative.

Provoke your audience

Some writers provoke their audiences with unpopular or controversial ideas. By merely presenting these ideas, they encourage further reading. A responsible article writer, however, should justify that provocation by elucidating on the idea. Is the idea controversial for the sake of sensationalism or is it posed that way because there is another side that people often neglect to explore?

Make people laugh

An article writer could employ some humor. This is a little tricky because humor can easily fall flat in the hands of the wrong person. If you feel like you can handle giving a joke without it backfiring on you then you might want to use it. Remember that not everyone has a sense of humor that everyone else can understand and relate to. You aim to please and not to annoy.

There are various ways of starting an article. The point really is to keep on exploring not just these tested ways but also newer, more unexpected methods. However, always avoid sensationalism as this would be a cheap way of earning an audience. It is better to start with a hook and then proceed with good writing to show that it is worth reading in the first place. Do not annoy or disappoint your audience. There are pieces, whether fiction or nonfiction, that start off well but end up sputtering and letting everyone down. Start strong. End strong.

More Than an ID Strap

lanyardsWhen most folks go out of their offices for lunch, one of the things that can really cramp their style is having a bad looking id strap around their necks. Not only will this id strap tell the whole world that you’re not free to have fun in the afternoon, but it can also make women less attracted to you because they do not like the way you look. This, however, is a common problem, and if this same problem sounds like familiar to you because it is part of your everyday life, fret not because this answer to your problems is here.

For the working man who wants to get more attention in a good way, it is time to say goodbye to your old ID strap. Lanyards, which are tremendously fashionable, are the only things you should consider when wearing your ID to work or to play. Lanyards, unlike ID straps, are not dull and do not break easily, unlike their counterparts which not only look bad but are not well equipped to sustain a plethora of situations such as extreme winds, theft, and the like. Although most people still tend to go for the old ID straps because these are usually cheap since they are made from a single string of wool or other similar household items, the truth of the matter is that you should never sacrifice quality just to get something on the cheap. Lanyards may be pricier than your average ID strap made at home, but in the span of a year, you would probably have had to keep replacing that home-made ID strap because it is not of superior quality.

Likewise, a lot of people who use the old ID straps always run the risk of their ID being lost or misplaced. This is a common occurrence because most of the time, the old ID straps snap when you least expect it, and before you know it, your ID is in the hands of another person. This situation may be well and good if the stranger who happens to pick up your ID is a friend or a good Samaritan, but if the person who happens to pick up your ID with all your details is a conman or some other unsavory character, you could be in a lot of trouble. In a lot of countries, people have even reported the loss of important data because along with their ID card, they also decided to include their USB in the home-made ID strap dangling from their necks. As such, when the home-made ID strap broke, both their ID and their USB fell into the hands of a complete stranger who, most often than not, no longer bothered to return such possessions. All this could have been avoided if only a better item was used to keep ID cards and USB drives safe when worn around the neck, and until people realize that they face a very harmful risk each and every day whenever they choose to wear cheap ID straps to work, more and more of these unfortunate event will continue to take place.

In the end, the choice of what to use in order to secure an ID card around the neck is a personal choice that each person must make. Normal ID straps made out of items that can be found at home are the cheapest way to secure your ID. Lanyards, on the other hand, might be more expensive because they are made of better quality materials, but at the end of the day, they are also more durable and safer.

Understanding Top Variations of Custom Lanyards

Custom LanyardsDifferent companies may offer you various names for the types of custom lanyards that they are offering. To better understand these types and variations, here are some explanations that you’ll have to keep in mind – regardless of whether the seller goes for simple terms or more technical ones:


Some stores opt for simple to understand types. However, each of these types may still be broken down into subcategories that can go the more technical route.

1. Printed lanyards

Are the cords that you are most familiar with if you own office or school identification cards with logos printed on the lanyards. These lanyards are very easily customized as the logos, text, and other details are printed on a flat and shiny material.

2. Woven lanyards

Can also be customized. However, the design can be a little bit limited by the woven material. The names of the school or companies that require the identification cards may simply be the ones stitched or printed on these custom lanyards.

3. Colored Lanyards

Can be any lanyard with a color, if you rely on the name alone. Both printed and woven lanyards can easily fall under this category. They may also refer to standard lanyards that have not been personalized aside from their colors.


Custom lanyards may also be categorized according to their specific materials. Here are some of the more common materials used for creating typical lanyards:

1. Polyester

Is a cheap but good-looking material that allows print from a computer-prepared design.

2. Ribbon 

Is preferred for highly-detailed logos with its perfect combination of smooth and tough.

3. Dye sublimated

Is chosen when the design requires more than two colors printed on both sides of the lanyard.


Other companies don’t really bother to categorize their lanyards in a complicated manner. They simply offer standard and custom.

1. Standard 

Are lanyards are readily available, often made of polyester, ribbon, or nylon. They are more likely using one or more solid colors.

2. Custom

Are the lanyards that you may be looking for. The good news is that several companies have online customization applications in which you can pick color, material and other specifications to see what your lanyard will ultimately look like.

As Safety Harnesses

Other companies prefer to focus on the material and sturdiness of custom lanyards, especially if these lanyards are not made for identification cards. If you are meticulous about the type of products that you are buying then you may prefer your list of types this way:

1. Pack Type 

Are lanyards that may also come with a shock absorber. These are made of specially woven material. The inner core can easily extend up to 42 inches and even includes a safety strap that is primed to do heavy duty work.

2. Tubular 

Also easily falls under woven lanyards. Like the pack type, it also incorporates a specially-woven core that may expand in order to resist the force of gravity.

3. Tie-Back 

Is an all in one lanyard with a shock absorber. It also has a snap hook that can easily carry 5000 pounds of load.

4. Double-Legged

Are used for 100% safety but usage must be carefully studied to keep that safety in check and if only one leg is going to be used.

If you end up with the types of custom lanyards under the fourth set then you know that you have ended up on the wrong site or brick and mortar store. While different companies may present different names for the types and may even invent their own names, none of the ID and logo companies will come with names, such as tie-back, tubular, double-legged, or pack type. Tubular, however, is also used to describe a specific, ID-type lanyard.

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How to Be a Top Rated and Paid Motivational Speaker

Keynote speakerTo become a stellar motivational speaker, one must value the importance of continuing learning. It is best to always strive to develop one’s skills and not be contented with one’s present level. This is one of the common traits of the leading one percent of speakers at present. They never cease to hone their expertise.

These are the things that need to be developed and sharpened continually in order to be on top of the game as a motivational speaker.

1.The speaker should develop his personality.

One easy way to grab the attention of the target audience is by projecting a distinctive and vibrant personality. To do this, the speaker must take time to examine the things that make him unique. He should be able to discover the character in himself and allow it to show. There is no reason to fret to be one’s own self, especially for a speaker who is supposed to inspire and motivate others.

2.The speaker should hone his expertise.

To be able to stand out and surpass the competition, the speaker must be a master in his niche. Keep in mind that there are a lot of speakers who may just be as passionate and talented. It is the expertise that will lift the person to the top of the competition. However, being an expert does not simply entail the need to grow to be a better speaker; it likewise results in earning a higher pay rate in speaking engagements.

3.The speaker should develop passion.

Any person can become a proficient speaker. Yet, to be able to truly shine, one must have an enduring passion for his work. Speakers who are not passionate and enthusiastic about their speaking job drastically reduce their likelihood of transforming into a more effective motivational speaker. The audience will recognize in a just a single heartbeat if the speaker actually has passion about his subject.

4.The speaker should foster his presentation skills.

In order to boost the quality of a speech, one must have excellent presentation skills. Practice truly leads to great presentations. Use feedbacks as constructive criticism that could fuel both personal growth and professional betterment. Integrate visuals, such as slide shows and videos, into the presentation, as they can significantly improve the audience’s learning potential. After all, how can a speaker get his teachings across if he cannot present them properly?

5.The speaker should build his website.

With the rise of the internet, building a professional website has become one of the primary priorities of any person who aspires to be a premier motivational speaker. The cyberspace is growing to be the primary venue to research for more information these days. Without a professional website, potential clients may have a hard time getting in touch with the speaker. Once the website is already operational, it is essential to ensure that it stays up-to-date and relevant. Building a website should also be a great investment; it should be designed neatly and professionally because this is going to be the face of the speaker in the world.

6.The speaker should create and cultivate products.

Developing various relevant products is another fantastic solution to expand the reach and boost the income of the motivational speaker. This approach is less complicated than people think. The speaker only needs to convert his speeches into e-books, webinars, CDs, and DVDs. People, who have listened to the speaker face to face and are satisfied with the great talk, are almost certainly going to be eager for more. Supply them with an array of relevant products in a variety of formats that matches their needs. This is an easy yet excellent marketing tactic, which is truly a win-win.

Simply put, becoming a topnotch speaker is possible for anyone, as long as there’s willingness to adapt and evolve.

How to Maximize the Potential of Custom Challenge Coins

customchallengecoinsChallenge coins have been in existence since the time of the Roman Empire. Back then, the coins were used for the sole purpose of rewarding soldiers who showed exemplary feats in the battlefields. Some historians also believe that the coins were given to mercenaries in lieu of medals of valor. This was believed to be the best way to boost the soldier’s morals by letting them know that their hard work is recognized by superior officers.

Nowadays, aside from serving as a token of recognition, custom challenge coins also serve the following purposes:

1. As collectibles or memorabilia

Challenge coins are no longer just confined within the military. Its presence has slowly penetrated the outside world until it reached the notice of various commercial establishments. These establishments have then banked on the coins’ reputation to increase their customer count. This is mostly done by releasing a limited number of custom challenge coins to the market every few years or so. These coins are pegged as rare collectibles that often signify a special company event and come in a series that often tells the story of the event. People often complete their collections by purchasing specially marked products and trading with other collectors.

2. To promote group loyalty

Groups that involve voluntary membership often have to rely solely on their members’ loyalty for longevity. This is especially true if none of the members are receiving any form of compensation. This is why most groups often distribute custom challenge coins to each member. Normally, the group would have a certain criteria for choosing the members who are qualified to receive the coins, such as the years of membership or the significance of the individual’s contributions. In some cases, groups also give out coins to members who belong to the same batch of recruits or that have gone through the same challenges together. This effectively promotes a higher sense of camaraderie between each member.

3. To promote an increase in employee productivity

Some leading corporations have also gotten into the trend of using custom challenge coins in recognizing top-performing employees. This has been known to motivate employees into giving a keener focus on their tasks, thereby increasing employee productivity. This would eventually lead to a marked increase in company profits. The coins are often distributed during company events where other forms of awards are also given out, such as certificates and the like. Just like in private groups, companies also often use the challenge coins to recognize tenured individuals for their loyalty.

The military, civic groups, private organizations and corporations are not the only ones who can take advantage of challenge coins to enhance morale or to simply cement their place in posterity. Anyone who is interested can order a challenge coin from any coin manufacturer and have it engraved with their chosen design. As a matter of fact, the latest trend now involves the manufacture of these coins as wedding souvenirs. Custom challenge coins have already established its reputation as a token of unity. This is why it is no longer comes as a surprise that hundreds of couples have chosen it as their wedding souvenirs instead of the usual arts and crafts.

In the case of celebrity weddings, the coins are often created by enterprising individuals who then put it out for sale before and after the highly-anticipated wedding event. Perhaps the most famous wedding challenge coin ever created are those that were sold in the days and weeks that led up to the famous royal wedding of Britain’s Prince William and Catherine Middleton (now the Duchess of Cambridge). There were different coins released back then, each with its own unique design. One thing that all the coins had in common was that it had the royal bride and groom’s face engraved on one side, although some coins had colored engravings while others did not. To this day, the coins are still being sold on several online stores for 1-5 cents apiece.

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Interesting Real Estate Facts from around the World

real estateThe real estate industry generates a lot of buzz globally. Worth billions of dollars worldwide, it is regarded as one of the best sectors to channel your long-term investments. And like any industry, real estate has its fair share of myths, figures and technological advancements. From crazy prices to weird superstitions, here are our top 17 interesting facts about real estate from around the world:

1. The White house is believed to have an approximate value of 110 million dollars.

2. In some countries around the world, there are five times as many vacant houses as there are homeless people – pretty depressing, right?

3. The architect who designed the Chrysler building in New York built in a 125 foot long extendable spire. He wanted to win the competition for the World’s tallest building. When his competitors completed their buildings, he pushed up the spire and was able to add 119 feet to the total length of his building.

4. The land currently housing Apple’s data server in North Carolina cost about 1.7 million dollars per acre. They bought it from an elderly couple who paid only 6,000 dollars for it 34 years earlier. Talk about super profits.

5. According to Forbes.com, the most expensive real estate in the world can be found in Hong Kong. Luxury homes cost an average of $11,000 per square foot with a typical home size of about 5,200 square feet.

6. Chinese real estate is so advanced that their builders can erect large structures (up to 30 stories high) in about 2 weeks. The make use of preassembled components, thereby drastically shortening the construction time.

7. The state of Utah in the U.S has one of the lowest homelessness records. Since 2005, they have reduced the homeless population by as much as 74% by giving out free homes.

8. During the great depression of the 1920s, Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd, an infamous gangster received a high approval rating from the general public. He destroyed mortgage papers during each bank robbery, thus freeing a lot of people from debt. A Robin Hood of the Great depression so to speak.

9. In India, the richest man Mukesh Ambani built a home for one billion dollars. With 27 floors all habitable, and six floors for parking that can contain up to 168 cars, the house requires an approximate staff capacity of about 600 just to maintain it.

10. The world’s tallest building today is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Standing at almost 830 meters, it is so tall that if laid horizontally end to end, it can stretch over a quarter of the way around the world. It also holds other World Records like the utmost outdoor observation deck in the world, and the tallest service elevator in the world.

11. Going by historic precedents, April is regarded as the best month of the year to sell your real estate. Though sometimes regarded as just a myth since every day there is always someone out there looking to buy, it is commonly believed that winter and summer provide better prospects for sellers.

12. If you’re a real estate seller in New York, you are legally obligated to inform potential buyers if the property is believed to be haunted. Whether it is by Casper the friendly ghost or the soul sucking villains of Ghostbusters, full disclosure is required by law.

13. In Scotland, to signify that they have overcome the challenge of paying off their mortgage, folks usually paint their front door red. This ritual is not restricted to Scotland alone, some places in the world paint the front door of the house red too but for other reasons. In biblical times, a painted red door was believed to ward off the angel of death from striking their firstborn children, Feng Shui believes positive energy is drawn to a home by painting the door red, and in early American culture, a red door was a sign to travelers that the house was safe to lodge in for the night.

14. Installing brass doorknobs is healthy. The ions in brass have been found to have a lethal effect on dangerous microorganisms. This is known as the Oligodynamic effect, discovered in 1893 by the Swiss gentleman, Karl Wilhelm von Nägeli. He determined that brass doorknobs had the power to disinfect themselves from viruses, fungi, algae, and other microbial cells within eight hours.

15. Way back when the first instances of housewarming came to light, they were literally warming the house. Invited guests would bring firewood as housewarming gifts and lit all the fireplaces. This was believed to be aid in ridding the house of evil spirits or wandering ghosts. It was believed that in order to have a happy home, you had to smoke those spirits out by making the home too warm for them to stay there.

16. In the city of Ermelo, Holland, a real estate broker devised an ingenious plan to promote a quick tour of his property by building a roller coaster through it. This certainly attracted lots of potential buyers who seemed intrigued by such creativity. That’s some out-of-the-box thinking, wouldn’t you say?

17. Finally, did you know that Google mows its lawns with goats? This is an eco friendly and much quieter alternative to mechanized lawn mowers. Sounds pretty cool, right?

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Medicinal wristbands

Medicinal-wristbandsScience enhanced the importance of everyday jewelry to gain benefits for human health. Custom rubber wristbands are already been in use for medical purposes. This is not science fiction but a reality. In the world of health and medicine, the evolution of various cures and drugs already has taken place and it is continued to be studied in many parts of the world. Have you noticed patients in hospitals wearing bands for identification or other purposes? The idea of using wristbands in the field of medicine has already been part for so many years.

Medicinal bracelets are easy to use, safe and not too much risk involve. Some wristbands suppress arthritis and would convey other healthy benefits toward the other parts of the body since the drug use in these wristbands are only at a minimum and only specified for arthritis patients. A certain wristband can detect the sugar intake of a diabetic. It will tell the vital information and the patient can be self aware to prevent any miscalculations and accidents. There are also wristbands for allergies that prevent the spread or help cure on a certain level. This is beneficial to human health especially to people who tries to get a better and comfortable living. Another type of wristband helps calculate the pulse rate of a person. This is commonly use for by professional sports figures or athletes. It also helps finding the center of gravity to keep balance and prevent accidents during active moments. There are also wristbands that drive away mosquitoes because of the organic chemical that is applied on the material. Aside from its medicinal purpose, it stylized the world of dextrose, injections and prescription drugs. It is a development that fancied many scientist and would continue to grow in the years to come.

These are some of the breakthroughs of medical science in custom rubber wristbands. This will continue to develop as long as the fight for better heath stands in the hearts of many people. Governments also partake in health programs and help disseminate the information to the common people. No surprise, rubber wristbands are the perfect medium to spread awareness. If the purpose of a certain body is good then everything else will follow suit. If wristbands are use for honest and good intentions then citizens should not worry too much about the future. The future is on our wrist.

Prescription drugs are important to anyone who suffers illness. It is cure to certain conditions. However, some are incurable. The public should be aware of this terminal diseases and information should be available anywhere to prevent contracting these maladies. Informative wristbands should be readily disseminated to help society become aware. The World health organization (WHO) manages to help the world by spreading the news of self awareness about Aids, bird flu and the latest, the Ebola virus. The message is spread through social media, posters, TV advertisements, radio, flyers, and even through custom rubber wristbands.

As we all know, wristbands or bracelets are not just for style but most importantly for spreading messages around the globe especially in the field of medicine. The technology of these custom rubber wristbands is so unique that it can be use in many different forms. It is a versatile material that incorporates fashion and health and a way of helping people help others. It is a tool we can use to teach unselfishly to others who are neither self aware or uneducated. Customize your rubber wristband and make sure the message is clear enough for others to see and visualize the idea of a healthy and friendly earth.

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