Tips in Selling and Pawning at cash4 jewelry now

Cash4 jewelry now will either supply your needed money or make you realize that your jewelry is too precious to be sold. We are committed to giving our clients honest appraisals. Our talented and skilled staff will evaluate your presented jewelry according to its weight, property, aesthetic value, and marketability. We will understand if upon knowing the value of an heirloom, you will decide to no longer sell it and keep it to yourself.


However, be warned that not all pawn shops, pawnbrokers, and appraisers have integrity. Others will make you believe that your jewelry has lost its value through time when it did really not. In this industry, you have to be wise. To help you prevent making mistakes, we listed some tips that you can apply whenever you need an extra money to go by.

1. Selling your gold jewelries at cash for gold parties is not a good option.

It sure is exciting to go to cash for gold parties. There are a lot of clients there with their gold jewelries, willing to trade them for cash. It is tempting to sell your own jewelry when you see the buyers handling the sellers their dollars. We advise you to hold onto your jewelry tightly, and find other place where you can get a better deal like at cash4 jewelry now.

The buyers on those parties only pay for the gold property of your jewelry. For example, you have a gold ring with a diamond in the center. Buyers at cash for gold parties will not give the diamond any value, no matter how big it is. Also, some of those buyers trick their customers about the weight of the jewelry. Their scale uses pennyweight but they will make you believe that the unit is gram. Take note that 1 pennyweight is equal to 1.555 grams. Additionally, the buyers have no permanent location so there is a little chance that you will get to find them if in case you have a concern regarding your transactions.

2. Keep a watchful eye when making a transaction.

During the first years of pawning industry, some pawnbrokers are known to trick their clients by changing their items. It started a chaos then that leads the authority to close some pawnshops. Licensing also began for the security of the customers.

Up to now, sneaky pawnbrokers exist. For example, you give them a Rolex watch to examine; with their quick hands, they can change your authentic item to a fake one. To prevent this from happening to you, choose only the licensed and accredited pawnshops.

cash4 jewelry now is a guaranteed shop. We have been in the industry for many years, and we have made loyal happy customers.

3. Do not sell your jewelry if you plan to get it back.


At our shop, you can either sell or pawn your necklaces, earring, gold pins and brooches, bracelets, watches, rings, and diamonds. If you sell it, we will give you an amount base from its condition. We also consider the retail price of your item; but, do not expect that we can give you an amount close to it. You can always negotiate to make the transaction favorable for both parties.

Now, if you feel like you cannot let go of your item but you desperately need cash, think of pawning it. For this option, we will give you a pawn ticket. It consists your due date, the date that states until when you are allowed to retrieve your jewelry. It will also consist our terms and conditions. You are to keep this ticket, and present it when you are ready to get your precious possession back.

4. Do not sell or pawn at cash4 jewelry now if you stole the jewelry.

Pawnshops follow federal laws for financial institutions. We make a report on a regular basis of the items sold and pawned to us. We give all the details about the items. This report helps local police departments to track if a stolen item was sold or pawned, as well as who stole it.

The law permits us to gather our customers’ personal information. We always ask our customers drivers license or any government-issues ID. This aids in tracking thieves. We will know if the jewelry is not yours.

5. Before agreeing, fully understand the terms and conditions in pawning.

Cash4 jewelry now also follows state laws. The interests we add on your pawns are based from these laws. We are also allowed to add miscellaneous fee, which usually includes maintenance and storage expenses. All these terms will be reiterated to you upon deciding to pawn your jewelry to us.

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Cremation is the Best Option

When death strikes the family, the overwhelming feelings of sadness, grief and exhaustion take its toll. Sometimes, the manner through which the departed will be laid to rest can ease the suffering of the remaining. Cremation is a suitable decision for families who need an alternative kind of wake. While the idea of incineration can be unsettling, we at can convince you to take this route.

Reasons for Choosing to Cremate

• Convenient

The regular cremating process is simple. If all the necessary documentation are prepared, the burning process only takes an hour or two; after which, the family receive the remains so they can decide the final disposal. If family members opt for a more elaborate farewell then there will be additional service.

• Therapeutic

Having a body cremated requires little viewing time, therefore, does not prolong the remainder’s agony.


• Affordable

Its cheaper in comparison to a burial because it requires less materials and preparation. A full package consisting of reduction and urn usually costs less than 700$ while an interment can cost over 3000$. On top of that, there is no need to buy cemetery lot, grave marker or perform burial rites that can only add up to expenses. However, these requests can still be fulfilled if the family requests. We at can provide you custom services according to your needs.

• Portable

The ashes of the deceased can be placed in an urn and displayed at home or in keepsake items such as a keepsake urn or jewelry. This allows the remaining persons to be “close” to their loved ones at all times. Cremation is also perfect for clans who live far from each other because the cremains can be taken to them.

• Flexible

Funerals are held for a certain period and many people cannot attend due to work or hectic schedules. A cremated body can have a memorial service after weeks or months of death, giving the visitors time to plan their calendars around the event. It makes the gathering more positive and meaningful as the guests were able to condition themselves mentally and emotionally.

• Customized

The bereaved are free to choose the final resting plans for their loved one. The act of spreading ashes to the wind can be comforting and scattering the remains in meaningful places always uplifts the spirits. Columbaries are available for folks who want earthy ties with their beloved as they can always visit them anytime.

• Practical

More cremated people means lesser needs for graveyards that, in turn, can be used for other important infrastructures like housing, schools, hospitals, playgrounds or parks, benefiting the whole community.

• Environment-friendly

Burying non-biodegradable things underground isn’t exactly good for Mother Nature. The accumulation of caskets and personal items from the dead will pollute the soil in the future. Cremains are biodegradable because bones are organic material so they aren’t harmful in any way. Using less caskets will also reduce the cutting of trees used for making them and will therefore aid in the restoration of forests to address global warming and calamities.

• Government Provisions

Due to the wide acceptance of incineration, a lot of states have developed assistance programs for families who cannot afford decent funerals. The state funds the disposal of the body through cremation but allows the grieving the freedom to decide on other personal options.

• Decongests Graveyards

Public cemeteries occupy huge land areas in almost all states. However, the growing population forces some management to cram the graves to accommodate the dead. Cremating bodies allow appropriate spacing and decent visiting areas.


• Hygienic

Many neighborhoods have protested the construction of cemeteries in their area in fear of an epidemic outbreak. Some people are uncomfortable about the presence of decaying corpses near their homes while others insist that dead bodies can contaminate the soil and water resources. Hence, populated areas generally push for crematories to address health issues.

• Simple

Picking a casket or flower arrangements adds burden to the grieving and many refuse to participate. Opting to cremate the body makes the matter more bearable and hassle-free. Funeral Attendants are available to do the coordination so the family can relax. Experienced burial providers like us have reliable planners who will take care of your necessities. We can assure you that our staff are sincere and dedicated in granting your wishes.

Cremation can be a tough decision but ultimately, the thought of keeping your loved ones close, safe and secured will always be reassuring.