Helpful Tips in Repairing and Personalizing Golf Clubs

Found yourself in an unfortunate situation because one of your golf clubs was damaged? Damaging clubs is common for both novice and experienced golfers. Some accidents may cause club heads to get detached from their shafts. If you have the same problem, take this as an opportunity for an adventure and try to save and personalize your damaged club.


You will hear from many experienced to just trash your club or obtain a replacement. Nevertheless, repairing and personalizing your club is easy. Keep the following points in mind to help you with this process:

Get a replacement head

Obtaining replacement heads is easy with sellers distributing them to buyers. In this case, you will only buy the club head, which means the same shaft you have at home will be used. If your club’s head fell off, you can attach the replacement head to your old shaft.

Shop for the best replacement head you can get according to your budget. A good tip to save you from all the trouble is buying the same club head that your club previously had. This will save you from incompatibility issues or imperfect fit since you know that the loft and quality is compatible with the shaft. You can choose, however, to obtain them from a different brand to experience their products’ features. Doing so will give variety to the golf clubs you currently own.

Design with golf grips

Since you’re changing your club head, you can also consider changing your golf grip. Golf grip is the part of club you hold when you play. These grips are available in various colors and designs that will suit your preferences. Select from a combination of different colors or obtain those with brand names for additional variety.

One of the good things about replacing golf grips on golf clubs is the process is relatively easy. You can find numerous tips that will make the attachment process way easier than expected.

As you shop for golf grips, be sure to take note of the grip specifications offered on the website. Grips come in different lengths, diameters and weights. You can also choose the same specifications of your previous grip to save time shopping or be more adventurous in your options. You can read these specifications online and will be a great help for your shopping.

Use superb adhesives for attaching pieces

Golf clubThe last thing you want to experience is wobbling parts on your clubs. Fortunately, you will find top caliber adhesives that can be applied for attaching club heads and golf grips.

For golf grips, you can buy high quality adhesives from golf suppliers. They are special adhesive kits paired with double-sided tapes and will attach golf grips with ease. You can buy the adhesive solvent only or the complete kit that comes with double-sided tapes and instructional guides.

Since club heads are heavier, you would need to use extra durable epoxy together with replacement ferrule to keep them in place. You can shop for recommended club head epoxies from the golf equipment seller and use them with your project.

As for instructional guides, they are widely available online, which allows you to easily place these components with ease and secure them in place.

Provide extra protection with unique head covers

Finally, complete the appeal of your new golf clubs by promoting extra protection using unique head covers. Conventional head covers are smaller pieces that fit snuggly around the club head. However, many golf equipment manufacturers currently produce unique head covers as faces or puppet-like feature. They will certainly personalize your new club while making them easy to distinguish.

Damaged golf clubs doesn’t mean rushing to a dealer buy a replacement club right away. Let your creativity work by personalizing your club while trying out other club heads offered by various brands. It is a good experience to do and assures good results as long as you follow guides accordingly.

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