The Guide to Getting the Best Price for Pawned Items

Many of us find ourselves in a sudden situation, which requires us to get some cash quickly. At times, there is a need for small and fast loan for your immediate needs. You end up worrying and looking at pawn shops as your only resort. Luckily, several pawn shops around the New York area offer pawning, loaning and selling services to satisfy your quick cash needs.

With the plethora of pawn shops around, it can be hard to gauge which one among them will give you the best price for your jewelry or valuables. In this article, we’ll look at different ways to get the best price for your items on-hand. This handy pawn guide is brought to you by

What Drives People to Pawn Shops?

There are several reasons why people want to pawn or sell their valuable items. Financial problems, such as impending home foreclosures or medical emergencies, are strong reasons to seek the services of a pawn shop. Others choose to sell their gold and silver items because their current market prices are soaring high. Most also want to avoid the recession, which is happening globally today.


Best Price for Pawned or Sold Items

Pawn shops do not have a single pre-determined price for a certain piece of item. Trained pawn shop personnel will take your items and assess them based on their attributes. From there, they will determine the actual worth or value of your items; hence, different shops may assess a single item and come up with different price ranges. You need to scour the town for that pawn shop, which offers honest and the best price for your items.

To help out first-time pawn shop customers, we’ve rounded up some tips to guide them in getting the most out of their pawn shop experiences. Take these tips to heart to score the best, most honest and fairest pawned items pricing:

  • Pawn or Sell Quality Items with Minimal Broken Parts – While it’s true that some shops like accept broken items for pawning or selling, the value of money you get from them will substantially be lower. So it’s a good idea to pawn quality one instead. You can also pawn items with little to no broken parts. Pawn shops will favor these since these are in a better condition, causing them to price these items higher. This translates to bigger loan amount or profit.
  • Research on the Possible Value of your Items -Before heading to a pawn shop, check the value of your items on the Internet first. Do a quick Google check on the price ranges for jewelry items. Also, look at the prices on buy-and-sell sites, like eBay and Amazon. If it’s a historical item or a piece of artwork you are pawning, consulting with art dealers is a sound idea. Original boxes, packaging, or artwork certifications may also add up to the total value of these items.
  • pawnLook Around Shops and Have your Items Appraised First – As explained earlier, pawn shops do not follow a fixed amount policy for different items, such as gold, diamond and silver. They rely on fluctuating market prices and the individual condition of the items. Since you ultimately want to get the most out of our pawned or sold items, it’s better to look around for the pawn shop that can offer the highest amount. Have the items appraised first in pawn shops around the vicinity. Take note of the appraisal value that each shop will provide then determine, which can give the best offer. Complete the transaction with them.
  • Understand the Loaning Terms – You just don’t leave our pawned items and grab the loan money on a pawn shop. Know the terms that come with your pawning activities. Doing so will help you decide on your paying capacity and plan about repayment methods. For instance, provides a repayment period of 4 months with a 3% interest each month. They provide customers with a pawn ticket stating the terms and conditions of the loan, as well as the loan amount and due dates for payment.
  • Learn to Negotiate – First-timers are particularly scared that negotiating will lead to a lower appraisal value or a rejection of their pawning transactions, but no. Negotiation and haggling is common and is an expected practice at any pawn shop, so learn to negotiate effectively to get the best deals from the lenders.

Pawn with Ease and Peace of Mind

People can always turn to for their quick loan needs. They offer honest appraisals, quick loan releases and hassle-free repayment options for their customers. You have a hundred percent assurance that your items will be in good hands. With us, you can have your items pawned with ease and peace of mind.